Intuitive Interface

Punch In with a Single Tap


Each project has its own punch clock and time card.

Tap the clock to punch in and again to punch out.

Review your hours on the time card and tap an entry for more detail.

Drag the time card aside to reveal a graphical view.

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Project Organization

See Projects at a Glance

Sort your projects alphabetically, by client, by frequency of use, or by most recently used.  Track as many projects as you need, with any number at a time punched in.

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Entry Edit

Edit Entries With Ease

Manually adjust in and out times, or add a category and a comment to an entry.

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Time Quantization

Choose a Reporting Style

Exact in and out times are always recorded internally, but you can choose how time should be reported for each project.  Report exact times, or quantize punch times or time intervals.  

Choose round, floor, or ceiling operations.  Select the size of the time reporting unit, a.k.a. the minimum billable interval.

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Email Reports

Export Data

Send raw project data via email as a CSV file, ready for import into your favorite spreadsheet or database program for further analysis and reporting.

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